Offering reassurance amidst No Deal Brexit scenario


The ever-likely scenario of a No-Deal Brexit, even after there has been over four years to sort one out, is sending shockwaves across many businesses as they grapple with exactly what it will mean for them.

The movement of goods across the country and beyond will be one of the most pivotal elements as to whether this succeeds or not, and a 3PL provider in the North of England is posed to continue its renowned service levels to businesses who may find that they need more flexibility in their supply chain solutions in terms of storage, warehousing and logistics.

We are based in Worksop, but with three warehouses located across the Sheffield City Region, we are well placed to offer support from our BRC AA status accredited facilities, managed by a team of experienced warehouse and logistics professionals.

“This is not really a surprise and we have been expecting this to be the case for some time now, however it raises many questions for businesses regarding the lack of clarification as to the work that they may be required to do to facilitate either a no-deal, or some sort of deal Brexit,” said Graham White, Group Commercial Director, Carlton Forest Group. “With the added drama of Covid-19 thrown in, 3PL providers have already demonstrated that they have systems in place to manage unexpected scenarios and that as an industry, we work together to support supply and demand as required.”

Now, we are calling upon the Government to ensure the necessary legislation is in place and that all those involved in the movement of goods around the country and beyond are permitted to ensure those supply chains are kept moving in the usual fashion, without delay or disruption, come January 1st 2021.

“Leaving it to this late hour is unacceptable and is causing unnecessary concern and uncertainty during a year when there have been enough challenges for us all anyway,” said Graham. “We just want to reassure those looking for additional warehousing and supply chain support in the UK, that we are ready and waiting to provide the professional support they are looking for and hope that the Government will act similarly in ensuring the support we all need is in place as soon as possible.”

To access the range of services offered by Carlton Forest 3PL contact Alistair Plant, Divisional Warehouse Manager at