Why a 3PL provider is worth its weight in wagons!


An independent 3PL provider can be a valuable asset to many businesses and can help to deliver efficiencies in both practical and financial ways.

By choosing a 3PL provider, elements of the entire logistics process can be chosen to support what your business needs right from freight forwarding all the way through the chain to onward distribution functions.
The beauty of choosing an independent 3PL provider, such as Carlton Forest, gives customers even greater flexibility to build a logistics and supply chain solution that meets their individual demands, including specification port locations, volumes, storage times, distribution locations and timescales.

At a time when many business operations are experiencing a shift in how their tried and tested logistics plans are now operating, and perhaps addressing concerns as to whether they are able to cope with the increase in demand, a 3PL provider has the experience to integrate with previously established systems that the manufacturer, or distributor, has in place.

Or, for businesses that have experienced unprecedented growth, choosing a 3PL provider to become their sole supply chain, storage and distribution partner can remove the necessity for that business to secure their own warehousing, transport fleet etc which can prove to be costly, time consuming and demand skilled management in the haulage part of the process to ensure all legalities are complied with.

Alistair Plant, Divisional Operations Manager at Carlton Forest 3PL commented: “This year we have seen both new and existing customers adapt their supply chain and logistical planning to either cope with fluctuating and often unpredictable demand, stock pile goods ahead of the uncertainty that Brexit will bring or seek new, bespoke 3PL solutions that bring greater flexibility to their current and projected needs.

“Our experienced team and trio of warehouses that nestle in the heart of the main motorway network, means that we have at least 600,000 sq ft of warehousing space and a range of opportunities to secure additional space for any customers that may require more space and support.”
To speak about your individual 3PL requirements please contact Alistair at alistair.plant@carltonforestgroup.com