On demand warehousing and why it’s 2020s winning solution


On demand warehousing has become the winning solution for many businesses in 2020 as product supply chains have reacted, positively and negatively, to the unprecedented circumstances that continue to rumble on. It has allowed businesses to transfer their logistics, supply chain and warehousing requirements to 3PL providers and delivered measurable success for so many. Here’s a quick look about what it is and why it works in the supply chain sector whatever the situation.

What is on demand warehousing?

On demand warehousing is the quick, easy and sustainable solution for rapidly meeting consumer demand and allows businesses to easily find solutions to storage and distribution requirements, especially when they are fluctuating. It provides the flexibility that businesses need but transfers the management of the products through the supply chain to an experienced provider ensuring efficiencies and demands are met.

Advantages of on demand warehousing

On demand warehousing is an easy and flexible solution for businesses who experience unpredictable and fluctuating consumer demand. If the demand for a product is on a sudden and rapid increase or decrease, the product is being made faster than it can be stored, a time and cost efficient solution can often be met by on demand warehousing allowing capacity to be met as required. For businesses that are new or expanding it can be a superb way of testing the market; commissioning a third party to let you explore how things are going to work and leaving you to get on with what you do best; running your business.

The sustainability of on demand warehousing

On demand warehousing is not only a convenient solution but can be a sustainable solution too, reducing carbon footprints and driving efficiencies of storage and transport miles. It allows businesses to cater for storage needs in a more efficient way and reputable, local providers can be found to facilitate this.

Never before has the benefits of on demand warehousing been so attractive both from a sustainability perspective and an environmental one. Why not explore the positive impact it could have on your business and talk to our team for the perfect 3PL solution.