Third Acquistion Sees Warehouse Space Doubled in Just Seven Weeks to Top 1 Million sq ft

new warehouse

We are proud to announce, that after some recent acquisitions, we have doubled our warehouse space in just seven weeks and now have over 1 million sq ft!

The three new sites at Bawtry Park join our existing portfolio of warehouses – 125,000 sq ft at Hellaby and 170,000 sq ft in Barnsley (both in South Yorkshire) and our original headquarters – 250,000 sq ft in Worksop, North Nottinghamshire. The acquisitions have resulted in the creation of 25 long term and 50 short term jobs in the local community.

“Our Q1 targets have been met, and exceeded, and we are now in an amazing situation, working with so many new and existing customers to deliver our bespoke logistics and supply chains solutions that are exactly what the market needs at the moment,” said Adam Jones, Managing Director, Carlton Forest 3PL. “The acquisitions at Bawtry Park have allowed us to support customers with their needs for both racked and bulk storage yet, also allow us space to grow a little more before we embark on the next phase of our strategic development plan.”

“The last twelve months has highlighted how important the supply chain is and our facilities are located in the midst of a centre for excellence where logistics is concerned with the Rail Port and i-port, both in Doncaster,” said Adam. “It is a great place that we find ourselves in and we look forward to working with our wider industry to ensure the supply chain and logistics industry continues to prosper and support businesses across the UK.”

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