New Look Fleet

New Livery

We’re delighted to unveil our fleet of newly branded vehicles that you will no doubt be spotting soon as they are out and about supporting our customers.

As the Logistics division of the Carlton Forest Group continues to prosper, we decided that it was time that our lorries were refreshed. This meant changing the vehicle livery to correspond, moving away from the Groups colour of green, to the pale blue Logistics colour whilst retaining the recognisable elements of the group logo.

Adam Jones, Managing Director, Carlton Forest 3PL commented; “It’s great to see the business developing, and increasing our brand presence whilst we are out and about will really help to promote the growth that we have delivered. Our new livery is eye catching, yet simple, and ensures the professionalism for which we are renowned, is replicated in all elements of the business.”

The fleet which consists of 25 vehicles gives us the flexibility to deliver a wide range of transport requirements. Added to our versatile and varied warehouses, we are ideally placed to deliver bespoke logistics solutions that add value to our customers storage, delivery and day to day operations.