Flexible Warehousing Solutions and Why They Are a Winner


Carlton Forest Logistics is quite unique when compared with its competitors, and flexibility is what makes the difference.

The logistics and warehousing solutions that we offer are far from standard. We’re bespoke, we deliver personal service, and we offer flexible tailor-made solutions that suit our clients.

As our business operations have escalated considerably in the last 12 months, and our warehouse acquisition and growth plans continue into the latter half of 2021, the way that we work has become even more apparent as our customer base continues to grow and diversify.

Coupled with the shifting dynamics of the supply chain, attributed to the ongoing pandemic and the continuing escalation of ecommerce – indeed the latest figures suggest that UK shoppers are set to spend £10bn more in 2021 than 2021 with ecommerce looking to hit £120bn – there is little wonder that flexibility has been key to delivering the best warehouse solutions.

Our approach allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, both existing and new, and deliver a holistic fulfilment solution. This is achieved through building strong relationships with our customers and establishing lines of communication to enable us to gain detailed appreciation of their business operations and the way its supply chain, logistics, warehousing, and distribution requirements integrate into the strategic aims of the business.

Choosing a flexible warehouse solution from Carlton Forest Logistics allows customers to:

  • Upscale requirements to meet demand
  • Have a dedicated, tailor made solution to meet exact needs
  • Enjoy a designated point of contact and liaison with the wider team that deliver the contract
  • Detailed reporting from our warehouse management system

Adam Jones, Managing Director, Carlton Forest Logistics commented; “Adaptability is key to the success of our business, and we have demonstrated our commitment to this in the way that we have acquired warehouses for new contracts, re-fitted warehouses to give customers dedicated space and visibility for their storage and distribution of bulk items, and supported new and existing customers with agile demands.

“Our business model is definitely driving success, and our integration with the wider supply chain network allows us to be a team player in delivering just what the logistics sector requires.”

To discuss our flexible and agile warehousing solutions please contact Alistair Plant our Business Development Manager at alistair.plant@carltonforestgroup.com